Desert Rats at Cow Pile Rock



Green is not the color most people would use to describe the desert.  But green  and lush is the only way to speak of this lovely bit of heaven just south of Ajo, AZ.

We arrive at the famous (from RV Sue) Darby Wells Road just south of Ajo to meet up with Glenda and Jeff.  Their site is superb with all types of desert plants and a great view of Cow Pile Rock.  There is a strange cactus here….one I’d not seen.  It’s the Organ Pipe cactus….the national park bearing its name is just a few miles down the road.



The green is abundant in the above picture of an organ pipe cactus, a paloverde shrub and Cow Pile Rock in the background.

We are a bit off the dusty dirt road but not too far.  The border patrol are going by regularly.  We make camp less than 200 feet from our neighbors, Glenda and Jeff.

This looks like a place that I can get centered….the stress from the cold drive is still hanging on.  The tall rocks are calling me…..”climb me, climb me”!

That night I wake up and the full moon is flooding the desert creating light and shadows everywhere.  The stars are so near and bright….it feels magical! 

The next morning I grab my camera and water and strike out in the direction of the rocks.  I’m alone; I need to be alone!  My eyes scan the ground for snakes, thankfully none are spotted.

After a bit of trial and error I make it to the rocks noticing that climbing Cow Pile was out of the question….too steep and too slick.  Managed to get to the smaller middle rock without too much effort.


That’s not a person on the rock but a wonderful small stone that made the perfect resting place.  Leaning back into the stone and letting all the stress flow into the rock,  peacefully I returned to camp.

Our camp seemed very far away….photo with wide angle….That’s us in the middle.


And our campsite zoomed in…..


David is following my progress from the comfort of his lawn chair.   Notice all the young saguaros and organ pipe cactus surrounding us.

Glenda and Jeff’s camp……DSC_6614

The week proceeds peacefully.  David and I ride our mountain bikes on the dirt roads and take a few hikes.  One hike we explore the back of Cow Pile Rock still looking for a way up.  We saw a possible route but deferred… not agile enough, now.


Photo taken on the exploration hike….this is Teddy Bear Cholla, cactus on right.  Unknown mountain.


David, enjoying the view.


Back side of Cow Plop and our truck (center).


Lots of mountains in the distance.



We said goodbye to the Darby Wells area and tonight we are back in civilization at Coyote Howls West in Why, AZ.  Another few days in the boonies and we would have definitely been desert rats.  Heading to the Quartzsite tomorrow AM and the big RV show.  Looking forward to visiting with our Texas Escape friends.


  1. Sounds like a great place to recharge yourself....like the photo of David enjoying the solitude sitting by the camper/truck...safe journeys...Horst sends

    1. Thanks. The vastness. and solitude......must be what draws me to the desert. And it's so differnet from east Tennessee....

      Enjoy your new eyes!

  2. Dreamland, a place to get your spark back! So happy you found such a beautiful spot!

    1. I am feeling like my old self again! We are lucky to have friends who know about these places!

  3. Awww, medicine for the soul!!!! What a beautiful, peaceful place!!! Your pics are outstanding and I especially like the one of David standing on the rock overlooking the area and enjoying the view!!
    I have a stupid question: Is safety ever an issue there? We've never journeyed to the desert or the southwest and want to do so. Just curious??? Thanks!!
    Have a safe trip to Quartzite...can't wait to hear all about it.

    1. Definitely not a stupid question!! We were very scared two years ago when we went to Quartzsite the first time. But after a little while it was not scarey at all! Just like staying at Wal Mart for the first time.
      Most poeple who go to the boonies are "packing"...gives them afeelinng of safety. And out West everyone seems to have at least one gun.
      And we have not been way out there all alone...always a few others around.

  4. Great pictures of your spot. Loved the sunset! Have fun in Q. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks.

    1. Thanks, John. Likewise on the looking forward!

      We found our friends who are with their friends here at Dome Rock...7 trailers in our group and other Casitas tucked in here and there arround the rocks. Some may be waiting for the gathering in February.

  5. I enjoyed your perspective of the area.

    The last two photos are the ones that speak to me the best.

    Enjoy Quarzsite!

    1. I think you woulld enjoy the green oof this area. It's been fun to learrn the different plants.

      So glad to hear you are having fun with the low carbing...and pleased you are feeling so well.

  6. We love the AZ desert and can't wait to get back out there. Enjoy Quartzsite!

    1. I thought you might be desert lovers...hard to explain to those who have never experienced it.

      Loving my internet here tonight on Dome Rock and looking forward to shopping tomorrow.
      Hope our paths cross some day!

  7. Love the pictures of you campsite and surrounding area. Glad you made it to Q safely. Tell everyone hello for us. Things here at home on the mend, but too late, and too far, to backtrack. Have lots of fun, and spend lots of money on "stuff".:-)

  8. Thanks, Jerry. We did spend a little but nothing that we did not need. Told everyone "hi"....most of this bunch at Q is on the FB Casita Owners group and keeps up with each other. Caroline and Jim just arrived from Lajitas.

    Glad the mom situation is better....we will miss you....hope to see you at GE&H!