Happy at Home!!?!


I believe in positive affirmations, positive thinking and being positive all around.  But believing and doing are somewhat different when it comes to this stationery adjustment!

We’ve been home one month and 4 days and it’s not been much fun!  Lots of $$$ going to places that aren’t joy producing…home insurance, new tires, car repairs  (got the check engine light fixed), A/C repair…

In the middle of spending all this money,  new camera bug bit me.  My rationale is something like this…..spending all this money on stuff that brings no pleasure, might as well spend money on something fun!  So a cute little red Nikon Coolpix with a 30X zoom came into my life.

Watch what this baby will do.  This is picture of downtown Chattanooga taken while on a Stringer’s Ridge hike.


Notice the spot of blue in the center of the picture…..look hard!

This is the  walking bridge, Walnut Street, on the left and Market Street bridge on the right.

Zoomed partway…..


And zoomed again!


Unfortunately it lacks a viewfinder and all one can do is point in a general direction and zoom.  Can’t really see what is being photographed.  After studying the above picts, the camera was returned and the trusty D-40 will get a cleaning!

This past weekend the Nina and Pinta were in town…..remember Christopher Columbus and 1492?……and we walked across the Walnut Street bridge heading for a tour. 

Rowers were all over the Tennessee River preparing for a race.







And a few paddle boarders!

Could not get a good picture of the ships but learned a lot about sailing in the 1400’s.  These boats are replicas built in 1988 and 2004 in South America.



If this interest you, information can be found by following the site on the sign.


Topic change!

Started writing this post yesterday morning, before we started packing for the Cherokee rally.  By mid-afternoon there was a noticeable shift in my energy; happiness mixed with  joy and anticipation was filling my heart!  All I need to do, to feel happy, is to pack and leave?

During the first cup of coffee this morning, my thoughts are on a friend who may not live another 12 months.  It’s reminding me that I want to live each day as if it is the last….and something must change in the way we are living here at home!

Embarrassed to confess that TV has become very important with more and more shows to be watched each week.  Filling my inner spaces with action and mystery, non-uplifting shows with titles like Revenge, Betrayal and Scandal.  And reading dark books to fill the void…They Are all Gone and Gone Girl.

Still not sure about what changes must be made….but need to stop numbing myself with mindless activities. 

Trusting that life will reveal a new direction, eventually.

Here’s a picture taken from the Cherokee rally several years ago. DSC_2245

Keeping my fingers crossed hoping the rain will be minimal.  Time to continue packing!  Hoping to be there by mid-afternoon!


  1. Winnie the Pooh is the best TV on the air.

    1. Thanks, Barney. Will need to find Winnie!

  2. Winnie the pooh...I have to agree ...my uplifting favorite movie...Fly Away....and here is the song I know live by...Tim McGraw...Live like you are dying... http://youtu.be/XiOcW_YR1G8..don't know if this will work...hope so...BTW, Fantastic photo's...really like the last one...what a great setting......take care..Horst sends

    1. Thanks, Horst.....we enjoy Tim McGraw...need to find Fly Away and more uplifting movies. Much easier to say than do...live like you are dying.

  3. Too bad the new camera didn't work out. Hope the weather and the government gets their act together and gives yal a great weekend in Cherokee. Best thing about television is the OFF switch.:-)

    1. Great news...the Park was opened today just hours before we decided to visit. Drove up to the TN-NC state line at New Found Gap and enjoyed a beautiful array of colors. We are enjoying good company and a great campground. And the TV's off switch is staying activated!

  4. Oh Lynne, I so know what you mean about staying in a stick-built house creates a lot of non-fun money spending. I just brought my Eggie to his new home and cherished every minute in him - even if he was stuffed with stuff. I slept in the bed, fixed my self some meals, sat at the little dinette table. He's getting a cleaning tomorrow (and a few kisses from me for giving me 3 great days). Have a great time.

    1. Emily, glad you understand! Sometimes I don't even understand this need to be sleeping in the Casita in a beautiful setting.
      Glad your trip was a success and now you are in the west with so many magical places close. Remember that Eggie needs regular exercise!

  5. Parked in this drive I got dragged into new Fall tv...missing my long days campside, hope to leave next week. New cameras are the berries...gave fun with that.

    1. Good to know that we were not the only ones seduced by the new fall shows. Definitely need to cut back to a few hours every other night....don't think we can go cold turkey!
      You will soon be back into the wonderful world of nature and can kiss the city goodbye again.
      Love and sympathy to Jerry as he deals with the loss of a parent.

  6. Yes, I understand completely!! Having traveled full-time it is soooo hard to be stationary in a sticks and bricks. We left the road due to some family issues, we felt our son needed some help and support for a time, and 3 years later we are still trying to adjust. Things are good now so we bought our Casita and plan to head out on extended trips. :-)
    Sorry about your camera. Mike has a Nikon D90 and loves it! :-)
    Take care and enjoy Cherokee!!

  7. I was happy to return the camera...the zoom gimmick did not warrant the price. Thanks for your comment. Guess that stationery living just cannot compete with the lure of the open road. Maybe I'll quit trying to recapture the wonder and focus, like you, on extended trips.
    And Cherokee has been fun today! No rain yet!