Spring is Coming: Life is Good!


Today is a perfect warm breezed day at Salt Springs campground!  It’s around 75 degrees and the balmy air is inspiring me to do absolutely nothing!

Here in the northern half of Florida signs of spring are all around.  This dogwood in bloom is a great reminder of the coming April display at home.  The red maples that were budding here in January now have their new leaves and little wildflowers are peaking through the pine needles.  Purple azaleas are displaying full blooms in many of the quaint old neighborhoods.


For the past week we have been in the primitive section of Salt Spring cg roughing it without hookups.  There was no room in the electric section and, surprisingly, the waiting list for electric sites was 3 pages long!

The price is right at $9.25 with the senior pass and the privacy and quiet during the week is excellent!  Surviving the past 3 day holiday weekend is another story!  The campground was full of children screaming, dogs barking, and youngsters partying. 

But they are all gone now and serenity has returned.DSC_4848

This is our last week.  The trek home will start soon…still trying to decide whether just to stay here and enjoy this special place or to leave early enough to explore some places on the way home.

With our current state of mind, we will probably do like the sunbathers above and just stay here.




Resurrection fern and lichens


  1. I vote for staying 'cause not sure this storm headed our way Wed is headed to your home base area later. I hope not. I hope it fizzles out after leaving us whatever. Projections are 12" snow.

    Your pictures are memories of my early Spring trip to the south 4 years ago. Thanks. Spring is so pretty there.

    1. Yikes! I saw the forecast for Kansas City..6 to 12 inches of snow!

      Yes, we do have a beautiful spring...looking forward to it. Don't think we have any real bad weather coming but one never knows.

  2. How good to hear you are feeling better! Warm, sunshiny weather will do that!

    I'd stay, too, and soak in all those gorgeous colors to carry you over till spring arrives back home!

    When we were there, we walked through a swarm of those butterflies down by the canal, but they were moving too fast for me to get a pictures. So nice to see them posing for you!

    Those brilliant lichen on that tree make a stunning backdrop for the green ferns, don't they? I REALLY love that photo!

    1. Yes, that photo was for your viewing pleasure!

      The weather has been great for the past two days....had to endure two nights in the low 30's over the weekend. But we did ok with the little sport cat propane heater.

      Can't wait to hear about all your upcoming projects!

  3. Another post that up lifts the "spirit"....stunning photo's especially the last one of the fern and lichens!!!....Between You Guys and Jerry and Wanda....I'm enjoying a SUPER adventure ...thanks for sharing...have a fun filled week...Horst sends

    1. Thank you...glad you are enjoying the ride! Wish I could always be positive...sometimes life interferes.

  4. If'n I was you, I'd just stay another three weeks and catch ge&h and joe wheeler on the way home.:-)

    1. Yes, that would have been a great idea....if we had paid our property taxes that are due 2/28!

      And then there are the cats who will not even know us after this extended trip.

      Looking forward to getting home, just don't want it to be cold!

      I need to do some publicity about the Joe Wheeler rally... it's starts on 3/20 in Alabama. Close to Huntsville at Joe Wheeler State Park

  5. DOGWOODS in bloom....that make me smile and scream SPRING! Those turtles lined up...what a find! Hope staying awhile longer works out...stretch it out as long as you can because it looks like such a wonderful uplifting spot! So happy for you!

    1. Carla, so sorry for such a delayed response! Basket making and traveling has gotten me very behind!

      I love hearing from you...your words have so much positive energy!

      Hope your spring comes early in Illinois.

  6. Hi Folks,
    I just received my Wordpress annual report and noticed your blog had a link to ours (OutinDeWoods). I really enjoyed reading through some of your posts and I've added a corresponding link on our blog to yours. Keep up the good work, hopefully we will run int each other out on the road someday.
    Ted & Cheryl - http://outindewoods.wordpress.com

    1. Ted and Cheryl---got your blog address from our mutual friend, Jenny.

      Your photography is superb! Really enjoy it and looking forward to following your adventures.

      Also loved Cheryl's article in Truck Camper last year!

  7. Lynne - your blog is lovely! Someday we would like to get some info about the places you have visited - One of these years, we will get to Florida to escape a wee bit of Vermont's winter chill. It's really great to read about your adventures, and your photos are really lovely.

  8. Great to hear from you!
    Looking forward to the day where we can introduce you to the springs and palmettos!