More Springs and thoughts of home


Is it time to go home?  That’s the question that I’m asking today.  The clues are there….I’m tired, impatient and feel deprived.  Two nights ago my husband and I got drawn to a Chinese buffet and gorged like heathens. 

I am missing the news…even though the online stuff looks like nothing has changed except a big blizzard and the pope resigning.  And missing some of my mindless tv programs like Revenge and Nashville.  And missing a good, solid internet connection.

So today finds me in Chiefland, FL’s library….on a perfectly beautiful Tuesday afternoon!  If I am very truthful…I could do what I am doing online in the Casita, but I need a little break from my sweetie….maybe hours more than I have!

So sad that I need my space….he just bought me an early Valentine present, a tiny box of chocolates from Walmart as who knows how far we will be from a store come 2/14?  (Tiny at my request.)

Sunday we left our great little campground at Lake Dorr driving across the state to Manatee Springs State Park joining two other Casita owners camping here.  It has been fun helping one of them get introduced to her new trailer as this is her first outing.

The spring is also beautiful and the short run winds up at the Suwanee River.  But, we are just about springed out and have no interest in kayaking.


The water here is deeper than Salt Springs, our normal swimming place, but it does not entice me to get wet.

Suwanee River at Manatee Springs run

The Suwanee River from the Manatee Springs boardwalk.

Backing up a little…..our week at Lake Dorr was wonderful.  The privacy soothed me after camping with neighbors too close!

These guys were our neighbors last week.


graceful Sandhill crane

Clyde the beggar catbird beggar catbird

We named him Clyde, the Beggar Catbird!

Every meal had him at our side with his piercing eyes wanting a handout.  We don’t feed the wildlife but he was hard to resist!

Another Spring!

Also took a short paddle on Alexander Springs which was less than 10 miles from Lake Dorr…..the pictures are beginning to all look alike.


Tomorrow we return to the Ocala NF…hoping to get back into Salt Springs cg, but it may be full.  Not really ready to head back home…the 4 letter “s” word is in the forecast!

Maybe another meal out will make everything better!




  1. Been there -- springed out and feeling irritable because I need LOTS more private space, and being just wiped out and needing to go home.

    At least you have escaped the dreary, cold weather at home and soaked in sunshine and the color green. :)

    It seems my time at home intensifies my enjoyment of going and camping in the Casita... and going and camping intensifies my appreciation of home.

    Some of us need that balance. Even if I do still dream of being RVSue. :)

    1. Feeling somewhat better this AM..just pulled out of Manatee Springs and having coffee at McDonalds before heading back to Salt Springs.

      Balance...a wonderful concept but so hard to achieve! Glad you understand...I hate to complain, would always like to be positive, upbeat but can just strive toward it.

  2. Maybe you just need to change locations more often - you're bored. Hey, were your ears burning when we talked with Jerry & Wanda, & all wished you guys were here at Dome Rock. You may be warmer than us, but there's no snow here!

    1. Comparing this winter to your last winter in MO, I bet you are missing the snow, ha ha!

      Don't think we are bored, just can't seemed to get rested up. I do agree that a change of scenery is needed.

      Some our next purchases will be an tv antenna and a cell phone booster. The four year old, 10 dollar walmart antenna needs an upgrade!
      Yes, I was very envious of my buddies all in Q....wore my Quartzsite tee shirt all last week!

  3. I vote another meal out!! Believe me this snow and cold blistery wind stinks...I'd rather be feeding Clyde :O)

  4. Steak and chicken fajitas last night really helped!
    I'm ashamed of my whining....need to feel grateful for our health, sun and freedom!