Lake Dorr and a new battery


After having a great week at Myakka River SP we wondered where do we want to be for the last part of our winter get away?

Don’t quite understand the pull but here we are back in the Ocala National Forest, dry camping at Lake Dorr.  I felt like I had entered another paradise when we drove in on Sunday afternoon.  The camping loop was so quiet, a welcome change from the weekend chaos at the  state parks.  There’s not much here….a campground with about 30 sites, less than third full, and a boat launch with a few picnic tables.  And the big beautiful Lake Dorr.




And the price was right!


We looked for a site to accommodate our solar panels….the sites all had sun filtering through the tall pines.


The pines were interspersed with palmettos….the sites were spacious and private and the bathhouse looked new.



This was the first time in a long while that we could leave the blinds up at night….no neighbors!  Above is our back yard.


Our solar system had been living in the back of the truck for weeks.  I had wanted to use it but we had electric hookups everywhere that we had been.

We jumped right in and got it set up, but, wait, something was not right!  Last year I always saw a 13.1 V or more coming up on the monitor.  It was reading 11.6! I unhooked everything and checked my wiring…tried again and got the same results. Gave up as the sun went down. 

It was cloudy the next morning and I was through fooling with that cursed battery.  It had been overheating for the past three weeks…once got so hot that my pillow was warm on the bottom!  (Yes, the battery was in a ventilated enclosed area accessed from the outside like most Casitas.)  So off to Umatilla where we found a NAPA store….so far I am pleased.




Wish I had bought a new battery weeks ago! 

Update on the refrigerator problem….

It seems that the propane regulator was not applying enough pressure.  We have had great cooling since Gist RV adjusted it.

Currently doing laundry in Umatilla just so I can finish this post!  It really had been a long time since we had washed but a depleted laptop prompted this laundry visit.

Enjoying being close to a few stores after being way out in the boonies for weeks.   Treated ourselves last night and drove five miles into town for a McDonald’s ice cream!  Simple pleasures that we always take for granted, like ice cream and long hot showers, are so much more appreciated after their absence!


  1. What a perfect private spot, and for the right price! We got two batteries today...DH is working out a box for the hitch. Finally coming together. Good thing McD so close..."we all scream for ice cream!" :)

    1. Looks like you are well on your way to having plenty of juice! I have heard great things about having two 12 V in parallel ....I think.

      Solar in the southeast and solar in AZ has been quite different for us....still trying to learn what we can and cannot do here closer to home.

  2. Thanks for the introduction to Lake Dorr! We'll make sure we check it out next time we are down there. I REALLY like that $6.00 camping fee!

    And YAY for the new battery!!!!!! :)

    1. Yes, yay is right....so nice to have something working the way I think it should!

      We went over to Alexander Springs today....maybe around 5 miles away. It will cost us $2.75 to dump there....price of admission to park.

    2. That is really good to know because the reason we hadn't camped at Lake Dorr before was because they didn't have a dump station.

    3. we went over to paddle the spring at Alexander today....asked about dumping and the price changed to 5 dollars.

      The first person was misinformed....just wanted to keep you updated.

  3. What a terrific location, and the cost is right up my alley...but most important to me...the "solitude"..thanks for sharing this gem....BTW, tell me about your solar panels when you have time.....I starting to look into some options....thanks...Have a great stay at the camp!!!....Horst

  4. The quiet here is partially from the ban on tent campers and soft sided trailers...due to bear activity.

    We have a Harbor Freight 3 15 watt panels that came with a controller. It works great but it is apain to store and to set up.
    Would recomend getting a single panel of at least 50 watts.
    We don't watch TV while dry camping so 45 has met our needs.

  5. Lots of folks here at Quartzite are finding their batteries aren't up to snuff when they break out the solar panel. So far, the old Honda has been very reliable. Like your new location..jc

    1. I would trade places if I could!