Reminiscing Joshua Tree

RV Sue, http://rvsueandcrew.com, one of my favorite bloggers, yanked my memory chain recently when she mentioned Joshua Tree National Park.  I closed my eyes and went back to that winter desert scene, our little Casita enclosed by huge boulders isolated from the world.

I could not remember posting about it but I did.  Four pictures that did not do the park justice.  But to be fair to me, posting anything last winter was a major undertaking due to my inexperience and lack of internet connection.  I remember sitting in the McDonald's at Twenty Nine Palms trying to compose while across the room a man in a white cowboy hat raved on and on about the fascists.  I did not understand his message but remember wanting to do him harm.

We spent 5 days at Indian Cove campground in the Joshua Tree N. P.  The park staff tried to steer me toward another site with a dump but it was at a higher elevation and I had already been cold enough.  Indian Cove felt isolated but Twenty Nine Palms, with restaurants, grocery and laundry, was 10 minutes from camp. 

One of my friends questioned me, after we returned home, trying to understand what was so special about the desert.  Words never came to me that described our experience.  Only being there will explain the vastness, the isolation, the incredible energy that springs from the rocks.  
The same friend, a writer, also wanted to know what we did each day.  When did we get up and what was our routine?  The sun ruled our day.  As the sun came up, we went outside to enjoy our coffee with the sunrise.  Then it was breakfast and more feasting our eyes on the nature around us, then hiking or exploring the area.

Now I wonder about our next trip to the southwest.  Will it be as magical as the first?  

 One of our excursions at Joshua Tree was to Skull Rock.  Do you see it?

It was a three mile hike to Forty Nine Palms.  We found these trees nestled in a lush canyon.

This is the hiking trail to 49 Palms and below is one of the views.

I have enjoyed sharing last winter's memories; must get back to present time.  A warm day with Casita polishing awaits me.


  1. It looks like a mystical wonderland, Lynne. And your little trailer there looks like high adventure. :)

    1. It felt like high adventure. I kept remembering little bits and pieces of the trip all morning.

  2. WOW so dreamy....I can't wait!!!
    P.S. Bet it will feel TWICE as magical the second time - sure hope so!

    1. I hope so, too. I remember the first trip to Florida and all the palmettos fascinated me. I'm afraid everything will be old news the second time around.
      But the energy will still feel wonderful.

  3. Replies
    1. LOL. I wish!
      This is the winter that we are staying east, unless I can't stand it!

  4. We had very limited time last year when we went to Joshua Tree and your photos make me want to go back, which we will just have to do. :)

  5. So pleased that my memories awakened yours! Kiss a rock for me.