Life Between Trips and Harrison Bay State Park

We have been back from the Cherokee rally for over a month, a month without a camping trip!  Life, including bad weather and sickness, has conspired to keep us home.

It's strange how I switch gears after a few weeks in the house.  All the things that never seem to get accomplished, now they haunt me. So a few things have been done.  Started cleaning out the office and it was so bad.  Stacks of paper were on every surface and on the floor, boxes of more paper.

It's the shredding process that slows things down.  Why does our name need to be on every single piece of paper?  I want to throw it all in the garbage.  I think of living in the Casita, what would I save?

When we are off traveling in the Casita, I cannot imagine being home.  Home disappears from my mind, ceases to exist unless someone calls with a rude reminder of responsibilities.

Now, after a month at home, I can't fathom giving up the house that has the morning sun shining into the kitchen and reddish gold leaves falling in the backyard.  
That being said, I am still ready to head south as soon as the holidays are over.

We have been doing a little work on the Casita....got another good coat of polish on it and we have installed a new propane regulator for the gas tanks.  Our fridge has not been working on propane and someone mentioned that maybe we should replace the regulator as it was over 10 years old. We are not the handy dandy types but we did manage to get it installed. 

There's a small difference in the stove flame but the fridge is still broke on propane.  The next step is to take it to the local rv refrigeration guy.  Sure hope it can be fixed as new fridges are $$$.

The weather here has been gorgeous for the past two days.  I took advantage of it yesterday and visited Harrison Bay State Park....wanted to see if the campground had been updated.

Harrison Bay is the oldest state park in Tennessee turning 75 years old this year.  Unfortunately it is overdo for a makeover.  The old bathhouses are kind of grimy and the only open loop in winter was hilly with few level sites.  But the park sits on Chickamauga Lake and has miles of shoreline.  Great for fishermen and boaters!

The marina.

                   This is loop C which is closed in the winter.

                                Some winter residents.

                           View from one of the trails.

A little more info: sites are not reservable, only first come.  Winter rate is $16 which includes water and electric.  Mileage from Chattanooga is about 16 miles.

We camped there in our 13' a few years ago but did not manage to get a waterfront site. I think we'll try again in the spring. 


  1. Lynne, I feel the same. When we are camping, I never think of home. I love to dream I would never have to go home. But when I've been home for a while, I really love having a home base and the woods that surround us and would miss it terribly.

    Glad you got out, if only for a little while. Harrison Bay looks beautiful. :)

  2. Yes, I have been determined to get outside as much as possible while experiencing this 70 degree weather. We are blessed to have lots of wonderful places to go, locally.

    I'm glad that you feel the same as I do. I always enjoy hearing from you!

  3. Why did I think you resided in AL? Your in that beautiful state of TN....? My sister when she was still with us lived in Knoxville and we had many a visit that way. I'm not sure I'd give up a home base there either. We have family in Baxter. White water rafted somewhere in S. TN once many moons ago. I think I get you and Sharon mixed up....two sweeties!

  4. I know where Baxter is, just down the road from Cookeville, my college town. Bet you rafted the Ocoee River, our whitewater utopia.

    It's a complement to get mixed up with Sharon but she's in GA. Maybe you are thinking of Kimbopolo, she may be in AL?

    Loved being called a sweetie, most would not describe me that way.

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