Working hard and Remembering

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon and I am wondering, as frequently I do, what is the best use of my time.  My brain has been on overload for the past 3 weeks due to the stress of redoing a 44 year old rental duplex, a place near to my heart!  Windows and countertops have been ordered and we have cleaning and scrubbing and painting for weeks. I awaken in the middle of the night thinking of all the undone chores.  It's calling me right now, saying you have much more to do!

But it is now less than 2 weeks before we are to head out on our next trip.  And the Chatta-Egg will need attention before she goes on display with the other eggs that will be present in Kansas.  Tomorrow, first thing, I am going to go to my tire store and give them a list of acceptable trailer tires.  It bothered me that they had never heard of the Hercules tires that have been so good but now need replacing.  I am thinking that they know auto tires, not trailer tires.

Maybe I should explain why the duplex is so special.  It is on a mountain and in a river gorge and it was my home for 12 years before we married; possibly our home again some day in the near future.  It would be a perfect place to park the Casita in between all the trips we could take!

We have often thought of selling our place and full timing, especially after returning from long trips.  But, living in the beautiful area that we do, there is no need to stay away permanently.  We just need to be gone in the summer and winter.

Reading blogs has been my escape recently.  RV Sue and Crew, (www.rvsueandcrew.com) especially, and after she mentioned that it was her one year anniversary, it motivated me to go back and see where she was last winter when we were in Arizona.  She was in Ajo, many miles from Tortilla Flatt, but the desert looked the same. Beautiful!  It made me so homesick to look at her pictures.  Our winter trip to AZ was the biggest adventure of our life together, except for getting married!

view on the Apache Trail

I miss the desert. (But not in the summer!)

PS I have not figured out how to get the follow me button to work. Gave it my best shot today.  Will try again soon!


  1. Lynne, I am going to have to replace counter tops and do a lot of repairs to our house next year. So I really sympathize with what you've been up against!

    We would love to semi-fulltime also. But, like you, I think we'd like to have a home base in a beautiful area. Your duplex sounds perfect.

    I also follow RV Sue, often with envy. So glad she threw caution to the winds and followed her dream. It does seem that it was meant to be for her, doesn't it?

  2. I cried after reading her blog today. She sure knows how to stir up emotions!
    She has just gone into Oregon, a place that's on our list; we are taking notice of all the sites for the future.

    All these blogs talk of downsizing and fulltiming, it has got me thinking again about relocating to the duplex.
    A more simple life, isn't that what we all are after?

  3. Hooray! Just read all the comments from Sue and the dog has been found!

  4. Lynne, yes, a lot of us long for a simpler life. I do so admire the people who actually make it happen.

    Here's wishing you the very best in your decision whether to move into the duplex or not!

    I just went and read Sue's account of finding Timber. WOW! What a miracle!!! Now I'm crying again -- this time for joy! :)