Spring Is Here…..really!



                                   Flowering Quince or Japonica

The sky is blue, it’s in the mid 60’s and the windows are open.  It’s the first day of Spring! 

I explore the yard knowing that proof of rebirth is there.

  (Warning: this post is about plants… know of two readers that will enjoy it!)

Many of our plants have been around for decades as our house was built in 1968.  Each year after we became the owners, the yard would surprise us with another new plant emerging from the weeds.

The gardens are now neglected but nature is about survival and the flowers continue to survive.


Instead of grass, we have weeds and violets.  Our back yard is full of creeping charlie.


The flowering quince is a tree….too large to trim before we arrived 13 years ago!


Neighbor’s tree puts on a show!


New growth on our little weeping willow.



These are called several names with jonquil and daffodil being the most common.  They are in the Narcissus family.


Resurrection Fern living on a piece of old wood.  It was found, years ago, after a storm in Florida.  Now lives in a basket, a constant reminder of past good times.


Buds from our pussy willow.


One of many daylilies, all trying to break through to the sun.  A empty wire plant marker reminds me of days when I cherished each plant.  Occasionally I dig and uncover the lost names.


One of the many hyacinth left by previous owners.


Lone flower on winter jasmine.


More hyacinth, these are called grape hyacinth.


Blooms from a crab apple, a volunteer in the neighbor’s side yard.  It’s first year to bloom.


This is columbine, the type that has orange blooms and grows wild in the southeast.  Warning!  This native plant can take over a garden if the habitat is hospitable. 

DSC_6949   The thrift is just starting to bloom.  After googling the plant, learned the more correct name would be creeping phlox.


Young peonies are struggling for light.  The yard has an abundance of peonies….all left from whomever planted them so many years ago.  The old dried leave should have been removed last fall.


Baby Lenten roses are scattered all around the mature plants.


Mature Lenten roses that have been in full bloom for weeks.  They like a moist shady site.


Hostas just emerging….another easy care plant!


New growth on the “Lady in Red” hydrangea.  Blooming, a truly gorgeous plant!


One of David’s many birdhouses…..no occupants just yet!

Now the yard is documented, the first day of spring in 2014.  As I write I wonder how am I going to leave all these plants? 

But life is full of change, nothing can stay the same forever.  Just need to find a new owner that will love and care for them.


Sylvester, enjoying the first day of Spring.


  1. Your property looks like the botanical gardens in Virginia that I used to love to visit.

    Yes, spring has definitely arrived at your place.

    And, as always, your photos are glorious!

    1. Oh, thank you, Sharon. I imagine that spring has arrived at your home also.

      Do hope you can reschedule that camping trip soon. It would be just like Mother Nature to go from cold, cold to hot, hot. I sure hope that's not the case.

    2. Lynne, we are going to try to get in a local trip as soon as this cold weather passes, maybe Coleman Lake in Alabama -- just to get OUT. I have a doctors appointment April 8.

      Then, maybe in May, we are thinking about going to a Mississippi state park on the Gulf. Dogs are allowed on beaches there, whereas they are not allowed in Florida. And Mississippi state parks are a real bargain.

      We are thinking about Buccaneer State Park in MS. So that is something to look forward to!

  2. What a colorful yard!! Yes, it appears spring has finally found us!!! Our yard us full of lots of daffodils, all bright and yellow!! Our dogwoods have not bloomed and I think the azaleas will be later this year due to the lingering winter weather. Love, love, love David's birdhouses!!!!
    Sounds like you all are leaning toward selling your house? Wishing you all the very best in this endeavor!!!

    1. We have been talking about selling for a while...but not planning on going full time. A smaller place would just make it easier to leave.

      Looking forward to seeing the dogwoods and azaleas dress up our block.

  3. Yes I did, yes I did. Am so glad Spring has finally, finally arrived. And without delay too it looks like. Seems like ole Mother Nature was really trying to stretch Winter on the one hand and the other hand was saying Now! Now! They are beautiful.

    1. We are having a nice stretch of warm weather, but unfortunately winter will return for a few days next week. Don't really mind too much as it can't keep being cold.

      Glad you enjoyed the yard!

  4. Your yard is a treasure.

  5. Never thought of it that way but believe you are right!

    It has also been a burden....trying to meet all the needs of too many plants. Lots of muscle aches and sweaty hours.

  6. We had a pussy willow once...loved the blooms until the flies hammered it! Spring blooms....so refreshing! Thanks for the peek!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I still love the flowers, just not the hard work to maintain them!

      Bet you are excited about your upcoming move.
      Thanks for being a friend on RVillage!

  7. Weird that you have all those flowers and green things 300 hundred miles North. We are still looking at bare trees and very few blooms. The local Azalea Festival has been going on for a week in town, with nary a bloom. Great pictures, btw................

  8. Thanks, Jerry! Guess I will try to make do with the old camera for a few more years. (Since I have never mastered it!)

    Our trees are still mostly bare...just the early blooming are putting on a show. Many of the red buds are still in a tight little bud with only a hint of purple showing. What a shame about the lack of blooms at the Azalea Festival.....fickle Mother Nature!

  9. That must be a GREAT piece of property you and David have...with all the different vegetation...super colors....what a way to wake up each morning.....enjoying that with a cup of coffee...thanks for sharing.....I think you mastered the camera....some awesome shots!!..Horst sends

  10. When the pictures turn out good, it's the camera and luck......not me.

    Yes we have enjoyed this home...but it does not really seem like where we live after spending over 6 months (total) in the Casita last year.
    We will see what 2014 has in store for us.

  11. I know what you mean!! Mike and I want to go out and "be on the road" for extended periods of time but we worry about the house. There is so much maintenance and upkeep with a house. It is a dilemma!! We most likely will never full-time again so one day we might downsize (again) to an apartment.