Jennings Ferry, Home and a Rally


We manage to get home after spending two more nights on the road.  The first night is at Antique Village RV park, on I-20  half-way across Louisiana, a Good Sam’s park in the woods.  We forgot to ask about the antique village and left wondering if it related to the ancient trailers in the park?

Our last night on the road we find a COE campground, Jennings Ferry, in Eutaw, Alabama.  As you can see from the picture above, it is just what we need.  The deck overlooks a creek and the temperature is in the 70’s.  I am thankful that it’s warm!


This guy is welcoming us back to the south.


We grill, (David grills), and watch the waves lap the shore.  I wonder what’s next in our life?  Are we really going to sell the house and move into the duplex?


Home is another 6 hours up the road.  The sun is still shining as we pull into the driveway and I say a prayer of thanksgiving for arriving safely…..another incredible multi-month trip!

Our daffodils greet us!





Lenten Roses


Lenten Rose

Our yard looks barren except for these few flowers.  The two huge gardenia shrubs, my rosemary and one azalea looks dead!  The gardenias have been here for decades before we bought the house 14 years ago…..what a winter we missed!!!!

Since returning, we are catching up with all the little undone things…and some not so little like applying for Medicare.

This is the first time I’m packing and unpacking at the same time as we are going to a big rally in Alabama, the Green Eggs and Ham (in honor of St Patrick’s Day).  This time the boats are going as we will be on water at another COE, Gunter Hill, near Montgomery.


As much as I disliked leaving the desert, it does feel nice to be home.

One last desert picture……



  1. So glad you had Spring flowers to come home to instead of that other stuff. It's a big decision to sell that home. Mine is still on the market - since last June - and hopefully this Spring will bring a buyer our way. Am a bit tired of a "bean and hot dog diet". Have a great time at Green Eggs.

    1. Yes, thankful for the welcoming warm temps, even though they were temporary.
      We are wanting to stay in the flow regarding the disposition of the house. Freedom from the yard and ongoing costs for maintenance are the draw for letting it go.
      Do hope a buyer materializes for you!
      It's raining here at the rally..OK cause it's late. The rain sounds good but strange...have not heard it on the roof in a very long time!

  2. A Lenten Rose....that's a first for me. Beautiful! MEDICARE....oh gheez that's where we are right now too for Mr. Jer. I'm so excited for your trip to Gunter Hill....that will be some splendid kayaking, those gorgeous FHU pads, and what fun times with all those wonderful campers! Have fun!!!!!

    1. The fun started almost immediately....lovely to see familiar faces!

      Tried to apply for medicare in the desert and the calls kept dropping. I got pissed and quit. Wound up doing the online application. Live and learn.

  3. Glad to hear that you are home safe and sound. I'm home as well! My daffodils are out -but everything else is pretty barren here in Portland too! The cherry trees and dog woods are starting to bloom.

    1. Looking forward to spring...it's my favorite season. There are a few cherry trees in bloom but everything else is still dormant. We have lots of dogwoods and red buds....can't wait for the annual show!
      Glad you made your trip safely....hope to run into you again next year.

    2. What gorgeous flowers! I must plant Lenten roses. What a beautiful sight this time of year!

      Jennings Ferry looks peaceful. That's where I watched tug boat pushing barges for the first time.

      You look so happy in the desert. And Sylvester looks like he's full grown now. How did he do on the trip? Was he happy staying inside the trailer for the most part?

      Hope you have a wonderful time at Green Eggs & Ham!

    3. The Lenten roses have been very easy to grow. These flowers had a lot of babies last year...have not looked recently but you are welcome if I have any new ones.

      I am happy in the desert which is why we are striving to find a way to spend more time in AZ. Sylvester is a mixed bag.... I was not happy about him waking us in the middle of the night, scratching the carpet and meowing while we traveled but he was fun (when he was good) to have around. He enjoyed going out, liked to roll in the desert dust and wanted to catch birds. Once he stuck his paw down a hole before I could stop him. And as most cats do, he slept a lot.

    4. If we should be able to meet up this year, I'd love to have a couple of Lenten rose babies.

      Great to hear that traveling with Sylvester wasn't all bad. I am SO glad nothing zapped his paw when he stuck it down that hole!

  4. Glad you and David had a safe journey back to your "Homestead"....I need to put Jennings Ferry on my list of CG's to stop at on my trips to Charleston...looks very peaceful. Great photos of the Spring Flowers....have a fun adventure at Gunter Hill!!...Horst sends

  5. Always feel blessed when we arrive intact! Yes, it was peaceful at Jennings Ferry...just what we needed.

    We are right across from Jerry C at the rally but with the huge campsites, not within shouting distance!

  6. Lynne, an off-topic comment....I remember that last year you purchased a cell signal booster, and I'm wondering how you like it. Do you think it's effective? Would appreciate your comments pro and con. What make/model did you purchase?

  7. Judy, sorry for the delayed response....the rally schedule has kept me busy.

    I purchased a Wilson Sleek for Verizon this time last year and I have rarely used it. It would be difficult for me to evaluate it. I have two friends who love their Sleeks, one has a larger antenna, maybe a trucker's antenna.

    Not sure if I have used it since this time last year.
    My major complaint is the wires in side the trailer and the space the little stand takes on the table. I have enough cords with charging my cell and keeping the laptop connected.
    I remember calling Wilson and making sure I was ordering the right one.
    The booster will not change a 1X or no cell coverage area to coverage (in my experience.)
    Hope this helps!