More Denali and Fairbanks


Horseshoe Lake at Denali National Park

This is our third night in Fairbanks at the Chena River RV Park.  Much thanks goes to John for telling us about this convenient campground.  After 6 days in Denali with limited groceries, camping across from a Safeway and Fred Meyers grocery was appealing.

We have been doing city stuff…..visiting the University of Alaska Museum and the Pioneer Park both of which are located close to this campground.  Also managed to get everything clean but the Casita….the truck got washed, the clothes, our bodies and I got a haircut!  Also bought lots of groceries….we were down to a few leftovers.

Absolutely pigged out at the Mayan Mexican restaurant the first night here and, while walking the next morning, we found the Loose Moose CafĂ© which had a caribou sausage omelet with pancakes.  It’s embarrassing how much we ate!  Like we had not been in a restaurant for weeks….but, don’t think that we have had anything but fast food….other than hubby’s excellent grilling.


Chena River site…nestled in between the white spruce and quaking aspens.

Pioneer Park had been our destination before John told us about Chena River.  It’s city run and they allow RV’s to stay in the parking lot for $15 a night.

There’s a restored train car from President ? visiting when the railroad was completed back in the 20’s.



We also toured an old paddlewheel full of dioramas.


(This is where the laptop battery died last night.  Resuming post this AM at Starbucks in the Fred Meyer grocery.

Woke this AM contemplating going to Wal-Mart and buying a new laptop…no Best Buy in Fairbanks!)

Anyway, back to Pioneer Park!  There were flowers everywhere.




While riding the bus at Denali, our driver discussed an exhibit at the University of Alaska’s Museum.  This is the 100 year anniversary of the first successful climb of Denali and the exhibit has pieces of the journals kept by the four climbers.  Imagine the hardships of climbing a 20,320 foot mountain in 1913!   And there was a spiritual connection…..one of the climbers was Hudson Stuck, the Episcopal arch deacon of Fairbanks.  He started the whole project to raise money for his church!


At the Museum.


IMG_1761Inter Tidal Pools by Steve Gordon


In Nenana, a town close to Fairbanks, we met another person, Joanne Fairbanks, with an inspiring story.

Her  shop, The Tripod Gift Shop, was next to this visitor center.


We were buying t-shirts and chatting when I spied a book at the check-out.  She said it was her story of how she drove to Alaska, alone, in the winter, 40 years ago!   It’s a memoir that I could not put down.  She’s now pushing 70 with the feistiness still obvious!

The book “Alaska, the Land of M&M’s (Men and Money)” can be purchased here.


Our campsite at Riley Creek…Denali.


Waiting for the bus! Denali.

More from Denali……Arctic Ground Squirrel


Savage River Hike   Denali





I’m going to find a way to return to Denali……….it’s energy is already calling me back.

Heading out today….will get to Tok in a day or so and then it’s the long trek back through Canada.  

Plan to post some travel statistics soon. 


  1. Usually I enjoy the nature photos most, but I really loved the Fairbanks photos. Especially that train.

    Can you imagine converting that to an RV? :D

    I can feel the call of the wild from here. The mountain photos evoke feelings of bittersweet nostalgia. Strange, since I've never been there.

    Also loved the pictures of you and David. David looks like he's feeling a lot better.

    1. David is rarely complaining of pain....he is still icing his shoulder and takes an occasional naproxen. Can't believe it was only 2 weeks ago when I thought the trip was over due to his problem!

      Sharon, it's so good to hear from you...this blog is just about my only link to the Outside.

  2. Lynne -- I'm loving the Denali pix. We were there 13 years ago and have very fond memories (especially of the midnight sun and me waking up every 30 minutes the night before our bus trip to see the mountain, thinking we'd overslept)--- and we did get to see it! It had snowed the day before and closed the park, but when we arrived - clear skies! Keep up the posts. I'm glad to hear David is feeling better.

    1. Sheryl, glad the pictures are reviving the memories! I can just imagine what it would look like with all white snow and blue skies.
      Have you had any thoughts about a return trip?

      Hope our memories stay vivid.

  3. My SIL told me the flowers are so beautiful and huge that way! Just loved this post...feeling your happiness!

  4. Glad you can feel the happy as I have been feeling your excitement for a looong time!

    It's great that you have so many full timers supporting your transition.
    My blogging friends have made this a different trip...still feel connected although so far away!

  5. First Photo is my favorite...great composition..though I really enjoyed the others!!! glad to see the medical issues are mostly in the rear view mirror...thanks for sharing...Horst

  6. And thank you for sharing the joys of traveling with youngsters! I think you are brave!

    Our Alaska time is winding down...thankfully it's not time to go home!