Kumquats, Sandhills and Wooden Bowls

We’re still at Salt Springs; can’t seem to leave this place!  The campground is like a small city….something I usually dislike in camping but the feeling of community is strong and we have been just too comfortable to leave.
I love getting up and sipping that first cup of coffee while watching the Spanish moss wave from the live oaks.  In the distance I hear sandhill cranes with their unmistakable call. 
Our neighbors have been very good to us.  Maybe we look poor (and hungry) because our 16' Casita is dwarfed next to other trailers but we have been receiving an abundance of fruit and food.  Neighbors on the left have given us 3 pints of fresh strawberries and leftover chili, neighbors behind us have donated a couple of pounds of kumquats!
They are quite tasty…you eat the peeling and all!   Within a few minutes we each had scarfed down five.
The hubby has always been the artistic one and yesterday he got the opportunity to make a wooden bowl as the recreation barn has woodworking tools and a helper.  I thought he did a great job!DSC_4590

While he was playing with wood, I was playing with the Casita.  Got the water tank sanitized and, with help, opened up the area above the refrigerator controls.  The insulation had fallen; it was secured and the rivets were replaced with stainless steels screws.
We have been having some electrical problems as the converter fan has been running way too much.  Thought that a new converter was needed but it may be the battery so an appointment has been scheduled for a professional to look at it.  A downside of too much community closeness is that everybody wanted to help us.  We got too much help and lot of the advice was not valid for the Casita.
This week has flown!  One day we paddled 10.4 miles down the Ocklawaha River with a group of total strangers from the campground.  This river did not have as many birds as the Silver River but way more alligators.  Wonder if there’s a connection?  There were 9 boats in our party..8 kayaks and one canoe. Picture is from our lunch stop.
This is our last full day here as we are moving on tomorrow.  We’re already talking about coming back in February, maybe camping in the non-electric sites?
Hope to paddle again today with the manatees…supposed to be 75 degrees this afternoon.
I am missing my friends who are at Quartzsite!  Hope the weather has improved for those attending the big tent show.  Oh well, can’t be in two places at the same time!  And we are having a great trip…..love to my desert loving friends!



  1. Neighbors are good and sometimes not. Sounds like you have the good. I replaced my upper refrig vent with ss screws also. Right now, with beautiful weather, am putting the finesse on my blackout/insulation window covers. Gotta do something, staying cooped up in the house is starting to drive me crazy. So glad you can stay and relax and enjoy the places you visit.

    1. When we saw your camper and the nice job of replacing the rivets with ss screws, I knew that we would eventually need to do the same thing. So we just copied you!

      Sounds like you have an excellent project with the insulating window covers. I've seen some pretty and functional window covers.... hope I never need them!

  2. Sorry to hear about the refrigerator problems. I'm anxious to hear whether your problem is with the battery or the converter -- or both.

    I love kumquats, mainly because they are fun to eat. David's bowl is really nice! And how great to have new friends to kayak with!

    We had very nice neighbors at Salt Springs, too. And I do appreciate the quiet! Hope your problems turn out to be little speed bumps and that your warm weather returns. :)

    1. The warmth returned this afternoon...we went kayaking down the spring run and saw the most magnificent thing! A bald eagle was circling above us and it's head and tail were glistening white. It's talons were all spread out and it circled, sweeping down to the water, grabbed a fish and flew south into the trees...we were so close! Off subject, but just had to share!

      We are anxious for a diagnosis, also. After being told that our fridge was fine when it most certainly is not, I just hope for better results this time.

    2. WOW! What a sight that must have been! That's an unforgettable memory, I bet! :)

      I just sent you an email about a possible solution to the refrigerator problem... I read about it on another blog.

    3. Propane regulator setting was too low. Fridge is working fine on gas (for today at least)!

  3. Glad you're enjoying yourself, but sure wish you were here in Quartzsite near us. Lots & lots of [friendly] people nearby, but having existing friends around would be better. Getting warmer each day, but still windy most of the time. Our 2 solar panels, 4 6v batteries, & 1000w inverter have been working fantastic! Watch all the TV I want, run furnace when needed, & keep all the gadgets charged without a problem. I'm shocked how much we're NOT missing electricity. Stay safe.

  4. Wish we could have made it. There's always next year!

    Are you staying in the Dome Rock area... I bet you'll see other Casitas there.

    Wow, you have really turned into a power boondocker.
    Hope you continue to enjoy your "free time".

  5. Had my first kumquat of the season yesterday...in fact ate 6 of them. Our Kroger has them in stock...nothing what yours must have tasted like but they were sure fun to eat. Love that sour sweet creation!

  6. We found them to be quite addicting! We've run out and searching for more.
    Glad to know we can get more at Kroger