Day 5 Pickens/Museum/Lighthouse

This is day 5 at Fort Pickens campground and the first time we have spent all day off the island.  Taking our Casita friends’ recommendations, we went to visit the Naval Museum and the Pensacola Lighthouse. 

Yesterday we toured the old structures of Fort Pickens which are just a mile or so west of the campground.

The other 4 days were spent getting to know more Casita people and solitary walking on the beaches and trails.  Now we are down to 4 trailers and I can finally call everyone by name.

Today was supposed to be a cloudy chilly day and that is how it turned out to be, but this morning it was nice with sun filtering through the clouds and enjoying breakfast outside.  Our agenda for the day, in order of importance was  lunch, the lighthouse, the museum, and groceries.  At the last minute I realized it was also important to me to get back through the gates before dark.  We almost did not get back in the one time we went out to dinner…couldn’t get the combination right!

We are on the western end of a barrier island next to the entrance of Pensacola Bay.  Looking south from the walls of the old fort you can see the Gulf on Mexico stretching out forever, looking north there is the huge Pensacola Bay with bitter winds creating waves not unlike the ocean next door.


Fort Pickens






entrance to Pensacola Bay


Pensacola Lighthouse



Naval Museum


Blue Angels


Lunar Landing


This last picture is of Bob Hope entertaining the troupes….


Although this post has some major flaws, it has been a long day and I am going to hit publish .  Trying to change to Live Writer and I have not figured it out.

Hope to publish more pictures soon.


  1. Your photos made me homesick for Florida!

    The Fort looks like it has suffered some damage, but not as much as I would have expected from the hurricanes that have hit it.

    Hope you're headed to warmer, more sheltered camping. :)

    1. I am not usually into forts, guns, fighting....but the history was amazing. Just looking at the walls that have been there since the mid to early 1800's, I wondered how they stayed up. There was this construction method of reverse arches that held in the sand.

      Weather forecast this morning...abundant sunshine!

  2. Looks good to me. Maybe we should have had a little Livewriter class during one of those cold days. You will figure it out. If I can, anyone can.

    1. Yes, did not know that I would get so bogged down in the blog!

      Got into serious trouble when I tried to add an album...finally found an escape route!

      Thank you for all the support.