Treading Water (treading land)

I've landed in an airy limbo of not being ready to travel and not being ready to move on with life.  My commitments have been almost eliminated.  Work is practically non-existent, the rental  responsibilities have been vanquished.  The house is clean (for us) and we gave up on the yard two years ago.

The result is free time, almost too much free time!  And I am getting very restless.  It was all that I could do to not take off as I read Tiny Camper's blog about Ocean Pond. (www.tinycamper.wordpress.com)

Waiting for the time to leave is hard but we really need to be around the family at Christmas as my mom and step-dad are really getting up-there in years.  Other good reasons to stay home include David starting physical therapy and the camping bike being in the shop.  ( Trying to stay in the logical left brain when the right emotional brain wants to fly away.)

Hiking has been my mini-escape for the past two weeks.  Yesterday I got in over my head when I joined a seasoned group for an eight mile hike that was rated strenuous.  I did not die but I am sure that a few of them thought that I was a good candidate!

Another day my hubby and I rode our bikes on the river walk. The little Canon point and shoot has been going everywhere lately so I can fill up the blog with pictures.  I'll start with the Tennessee Riverwalk as it's a jewel right in the middle of town.

The Delta Queen has been docked at Coolidge Park since 2009 when federal rules declared her not seaworthy.  She is a magnificent old steam paddle wheel,  first used in 1927 in San Francisco, currently being used as a hotel.  She is in the background of the above picture.  Foreground is Tennessee River and the Walnut Street walking bridge.
Downstream from Chickamauga Dam

Another view of the Delta Queen
Biker husband and riverwalk art

This is Chickamauga Lake from Booker T Washington State Park. (sorry, no camping allowed there) It was a mostly flat 5 mile hike.

View from Signal Point
Yesterday we started from this overlook on Signal Mountain and hiked west along the ridge to Mushroom Rock where we descended, crossed a creek on a swinging bridge and climbed back up another ridge (mountain) and back down again to where the cars were waiting.
Hike route top right
View from Edwards Point
Mushroom Rock

Today has been a rest day, dreaming about the future day.

Tomorrow we have been promised rain and then winter weather with highs only in the forties for Tuesday.  
Goodbye to the 60's.  Welcome winter.  Please, no snow!


  1. Oh you guys, I would love to experience that feeling. Eggie is waiting for me to hitch him up to his BFF, Big Red, and his BGF is steering them both down the road.

    1. Isn't it a wonderful feeling knowing that Eggie is there waiting for you! What would we do without them?
      Wishing you good thoughts on your current adventure and happy holidays!

  2. You go girl.....every step takes you that much closer. MORE gorgeous TN landscape!
    We hit a high of 37 today - UGH! Did still manage a noon walk...took gloves, a hat (oh yea flat hair for my afternoon at work)but when that cool breeze makes my nose run...I feel so alive! To be so free...ENJOY! Much to see and do, even its just looking out the window O:)

    1. Good for you! Imagine that you are accustomed to the cold....so invigorating to get out at lunch and get that fresh air.

      Keep those pictures rolling. Really liked the gymnasts pict.

  3. Such beautiful scenery! Really enjoyed the pictures of biker hubby and you and that fantastic mushroom rock!

    The hiking sounds great. It's a very positive way to keep the wanderlust under control until you can scratch that hitch itch. :)

  4. Thanks, Sharon, you know I always love hearing from you. And, yes, I'm working on getting healthier.

    Trying my best to keep the blog going until we can camp again....

  5. Hope your health continues to improve, Lynne. Mine is doing better. Was able to take nice walks yesterday and today. No hiking, of course.... just strolling, but was able to enjoy being out--in spite of it being a gloomy, drizzly, cool day. Nothing worth blogging about, though. :)

    Your blog is great. We all have times when things are popping, and then there are slack times. Wish I had hiking pictures like yours for my slow times!

  6. Appreciate your encouragement so much! You keep me going with this blogging thing.

    Glad to hear that you are out strolling around; it's such a nice little community down there. On our last trip we got applications to work camp...but they only needed summer people and that did not sound like fun.
    We have paddled in the spring run several times...actually paddled over manatees! Hope you get a chance to visit the spring.

  7. wow! i just found your blog and it's wonderful! and your pictures of chattanooga are beautiful!!

  8. Thank you for your kind words! So glad that you enjoyed the post.