On a Quest

Things are shifting around in my life; I'm realizing that I am on a quest of finding a better way of living.

Last week I surrendered and signed over the management of the duplex to a rental company.  Difficult decision as the duplex on the mountain has been my baby as well as my previous home for 12 years.  The baby has been in tantrums this whole year with multiple tenants, some non-paying, and multiple repairs.  Trying to travel, camp and keep it up has caused sleepless nights, so I am ready to let go.....(at least for the next 12 months.)

The part time job is also almost gone.  I questioned my decision last fall to travel to Kansas for a rally as it was 800+ miles, one way, and rather costly in gas.  The decision to go was made, partially, to escape from my work.  Since retirement from full time work in 2009 I have been working as a substance abuse counselor, a job that I have enjoyed for the most part.  This year things changed and I became weary of dealing with the criminal thinking.....all the clients were from the legal system.  After the trip I gave up the group that I had been leading for almost 4 years.  Presently working less than 3 hours a week and unsure if it will continue.

Don't know what's next but feel that it's important to fill my time with positive people, positive thoughts and creative endeavors.
I am expecting that 2013 will be our year to dream big and travel far.

Mtn duplex
Some sort of sinus variety virus has made me puny this fall.  Probably let my immune system go down due to lack of aerobic exercise so I decided to get back into hiking.
Started out with a three mile Cumberland Trail hike with a local group who were very friendly....will definitely hike with them again.
They were doing an eight mile hike last weekend and I did not feel ready to tackle that distance, so I hiked alone, in a very safe area, on Raccoon Mountain and did 5.5 miles.

Possum Creek

Ganoderma reishi (?)

Due to falling three times with the Nikon in my hand and replacing one lens, I am no longer hiking with the good camera.  Using the point and shoot as it will be more replaceable when I land on it!

Raccoon trail

natural arch with tree assist

Trail crossed TVA transmission lines

Also walked along the brow road on Signal to get in another day with exercise.  (Most of my pictures of Chattanooga have been hazy lately.)

Tennessee River and Lookout MTN in distance

We are having very warm days with temperatures in the 70's, so unbelievable for December!

This seldom seen view greeted me from the kitchen window last week.  


  1. My gosh!!! Those pictures are so beautiful. I hope the falls you took didn't injure you. And I hope traveling again will lift your spirits.

  2. The first fall, over a year ago, injured my pocketbook as I bought a new lens. The second and third falls were a warning, "don't hike with the good camera!"
    Thank you for your comments....and yes, the road beckons.

  3. Those little eggs certainly open our eyes to many things we didn't see before, or even felt. They make us access our inner self and our life ahead. How many doors will open for you is always what's exciting. Envy you right now.

    1. You are so right! And I am sure that I don't understand how this magic works but once one starts traveling, the world and all one's priorities start changing.

      Thank you for your most excellent comment!

  4. With scenery like that, you don't need the "good" camera. Fantastic pic's. Absolutely love the lichen-? growing on the tree and log. Three weeks from this Wednesday:-)

  5. Counting down and keeping fingers crossed that immediate and extended family stay well enough for us to do a little trip.

    Thank you for your nice words...

  6. WOW...walk a great vista...but more to the point what a SUPER and creative eye on your photo's....Possum Creek was really neat...and the sunset....ok all of them where grand....and you're having fun...that's what it's all about!!!...Horst

    1. Aw shucks!

      Fun, fun, fun. An important element of aging!

      Looking forward to seeing your Big Bend pictures.

  7. I hope that 2013 meets all your hopes for big dreams and far travels!

    The hiking sounds like the best thing you could do to boost your immune system--and lift your spirits!

    The mushroom is a ganoderma -- think reishi. Not sure which specific one it is, but it's in that family. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=ganoderma&FORM=HDRSC2

    Love the huge rocks by your duplex. I think of rocks as the heart of the earth and find them endlessly fascinating! :)

  8. Thank you for the mushroom info....there is so much to learn about these little guys. I never really noticed them until I started reading your blog. I'll try to take better pictures if I ask for info in the future.

    I also love rocks, especially big ones!

  9. That hubbie is all geared up...nice! I want one of those shirts. No posts lately...hope all well in TN and your gearing up for Christmas.