Panic! Can We Do This?


Front yard

The renter moved this past weekend.  Decided to go take a peak at our future home and came away shell-shocked!   It’s not that it was left in a bad state.  It’s just the reality of what must be done.  It’s got me wondering if we have it left in us?

I know we can make it into a lovely place to live….a place to call home in between all our ramblings.  But are we too old and too tired to make it happen?  Would it just be easier to take the house off the market and enjoy the results of all the cleaning, updating and the beautiful blooming yard?

This is the back yard of our future home.

Back yard

This is our present backyard.

2015-05-20 16.55.41

And we will have three closets in our future place, of which, currently, one has no doors.

The move has felt so right until today.  After returning home, I found myself just sitting, dumbstruck, with the reality of what we are doing.  I look at all the popular tiny houses and say, of course we can move into 900 plus square feet.  But??  Can we handle doing it?  The actual move?

Painting must be done before we can put down new floors.  And a major redo from the driveway must be performed as there is mud everywhere.  Not sure what kind of professional is needed to fix the mud problem?

We can do it…just having a temporary breakdown today.

Need to get into the new trailer and Escape for a few days!

Speaking of the Escape.  We are working on finding the right weight distribution hitch and a tranny cooler and monitor for the Tacoma’s transmission temps.  Just about got everything else ready to go.

The house showings have dropped off this week.  None in the past 3 days.

The daylilies have started blooming….these aren’t current photos but the flowers look the same as a few years ago.

daylilies,ect June 2011-35



After rereading this post….thought I should explain for newcomers that we are downsizing from a medium size house to one side of a duplex that we own.

And back to using Windows Live Writer.


  1. Hang in there! You can do it.

  2. Thanks, John. Encouraging words help.

  3. That overwhelmed feeling is tough. And you've already done so much work so I'm sure the prospect of more is not pleasant no matter how rewarding the outcome. Keep us posted.

  4. Thanks for understanding. Overwhelmed is exactly how I feel.

  5. Okay Lynne, speaking as an over 70 yr old, I WOULD NOT MOVE AGAIN, my kids will have to do it! The move here to NM was one of the hardest ones for me - both physically, and mentally. It was brain-draining and physically exhausting. I have moved 25 times in my adult life and this one was the hardest on me and I usually take things in stride. I know you aren't in your 70's, but it is something to think about. I absolutely love it here and am glad I am here in the long run.
    That's my 2 cents, if it's worth that much to you.

  6. Yes, your 2 cents worth is much appreciated. Although I am far, far away from my 70's (4 years :)), David is not as he will be 78 in 4 months. He's easy going and just wants me to be happy but the move will be very hard on him. I am flabbergasted that I thought I knew what we needed and wanted, now I am reevaluating everything.
    You take care....I love thinking about your life in New Mexico.

  7. You Guys always seem to have made the best decision for what was "right" for you in the past....even with some "hand ringing".....I'm sure you'll do it again....maybe there's more options then just the two you have laid out for yourselves...I guess looking at the "value added " on each option may help....Good luck to you both...BTW, I REALLY like the Escape...you sure nailed that!!!..... GREAT macro flower shots....As John said ....Hang in there!!!...and good luck... Horst sends

  8. It's good to be reminded that we have made it this far, so far. Not sure what's going on way back in the recesses of my brain. As always when the reaction is over the top, something is going on that I'm not seeing. And it will work itself out, eventually.

    As soon as we can hit the road for a few days, surely everything will become a bit clearer.

    Thanks for the encouraging words...great to hear from you. Take care!

  9. You CAN do it! Even though the small house needs work, think of it as more time to get that place ready so the move is smoother. We went from 2300 square feet to 1006 three years ago. From lots of rooms with lots of closets to a 1 bedroom with a small closet we share. Even though I'm younger than you, it was a huge mental change as to what was really needed in life. Once we decided we were moving, we made a list of what was essential that had to be fixed / done at the small place before I called it liveable. Most of the things on the list were the inside stuff, or the 'services'. We didn't have a real driveway until 6 months after moving in. But had started our list of things that we wanted done (and still have one). As for the small space, we've both adjusted to it (Christ adjusted much faster than i did - he was ready from years before we moved, I had to be convinced). Just remember, you CAN do it. And you will LOVE living smaller once you are rid of all the chores that go with living large.

    1. Sheryl, thank you so much! I did not realize that you had gone quite that small....one bedroom with one closet! I have been overwhelmed....there is so much up on the mountain at the duplex that I'm unwilling to live with. But it is very doable. I have too much on my plate at the moment. It's not just the duplex but that in addition to everything else.
      I've got the name of a general contractor and the name of a painter and cleaning person. Just having these contacts help.....need to make peace with our inability to do it ourselves.
      I have been a big fan of a blog...Be More With Less, she writes about quality living by cutting back to the essentials...just don't know if we will survive the process!
      Thanks, again. Tell Chris we are making that list today and thank him for the encouragement.

    2. We had most of our work done by someone else over the three years we've been here. The place has evolved... features we talked about having took a year or longer (screening in the front deck, so it feels like another room off the front of the house etc.) For us it's been one project at a time... If you have time, we need to have you come visit. You'll get the full feel of living small! (BTW, I do know a builder / handyman who lives up on Signal Mountain, if you need more help.)

    3. Thanks, sending you an email!

  10. Chris says you can't look at the big picture on your small place, just focus on a few things on the list...

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  12. Boy, do I know that overwhelmed feeling!! But, as you know, just focus on the little accomplishments - celebrate them and try not to look at the entire list very often! I try to remember that I don't need to finish everything this week or even this month.
    I think Escaping for a few days sounds marvelous!

  13. Thanks, Anne. The support for this project has been heart-warming. I am closing my eyes and attempting to see it all finished and us snuggled into our mountain retreat.