Arizona Mountains, Medicine and Friends

Sunday, January 4th, we stop at Sunrise RV in Deming, NM, picking this park at random from the All Stays Camp and RV app.  Calling from 30 miles away on I-10, we learn the price is $17.  As the forecast is 21 degrees, the little ceramic heater needs an electric hookup.  

We have good friends just 30 plus miles south in Pancho Villa State Park but it seems too far away after the long drive.  I text Glenda    and make some tentative plans to meet later at "Q".  We winterize the windows and snuggle down for what we hope is our last frigid night.

Monday, arriving at Picacho Peak SP just north of Tucson, we feel warm...actually hot....for the first time in months!
It is like heaven to see the green desert foliage, the mountains and the beautiful sunset.  I-10 runs beneath us, endless points of light moving through the desert. Rocks around us glow red during the sunset.

Now we are only 60 miles or so from our favorite Arizona place, Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction!  If we time it right, we will be able to get into the overflow loop where no reservations are necessary.  No reservations and no electricity...we arrive at noon....check out time!
Quickly we claim a primo spot at the top of the loop, just a few feet from the mountain bike trail.  The mountain, Superstition Mountain, looms over us and I am feeling that it will heal me from this ### trip!
I take a few photos!!!

All I want to do is sit in the sun and stare at the mountain....but, life gets in the way.  We must find a place for David to get his blood tested and medications renewed.  And there are other chores....our refrigerator that worked perfectly in Deming and Picacho..now refuses to cool and we need ice. The truck is filthy from a muddy dirt road in San Antonio and we have no groceries.  At the end of the day all is accomplished, thanks to a Walgreen's that has a lab, and ice store and grocery all in the same parking lot.

Warning!  Wednesday is Seniors' Day at Fry's Supermarket!  (For you southeasterners...think about the grocery when snow is forecast....it was a nightmare!!)

The next day our Arizona friends, John and BJ, invite us for a drive through the Tonto National Forest.   Traveling over rough dirt roads in his wonderful little Tacoma, we explore potential boondocking spots while enjoying the Four Peaks area. No photos..guess I was enjoying the ride too much!

Decide to stay another day at Lost Dutchman to get some much needed exercise.  It feels great to get back on our bikes after almost 10 days of inactivity.  Now it's time to pack up and head for the Scottsdale backyard to visit with David's family.

Which takes us up to the present!  
Took a few photos on a walk around the neighborhood this morning.  This pm is all about the blog... playing on the computer while all the rest of the family is watching some very important football game...

The plan is to stay around this area until we can get the fridge into a shop and David's blood tested again.   Then we are westward bound.


  1. Its good to see you made it to a warmer part of the US finally!

    1. Yes, wonderfully warm but we did see some rain today...the first I have ever seen in Phoenix!
      Stay warm back there!!

  2. Warmth and sunshine! Glad you finally caught up with it.

    The interior photo of your little Casita makes it look so comfy and cozy.

    And that 4th photo was spectacular!

    Good to see you out in your element again and posting about it!

  3. Oh, Sharon....can't tell you how good it feels to be back in this area! Eventually all our tasks will be done and I will sit and absorb the peace of the area.
    Hope your weather turns warm and balmy!

  4. Back in your little piece of heaven...so majestic!! Have a wonderful visit...

  5. I like that.."little piece of heaven"! There are those special areas that make us feel whole.

    Think it might be the beach for you!

  6. Wow...I just finished reading your Blog posts I had missed.....what a Trip....Mother Nature does have a "warped" sense of humor...at times .... :)...Glad you made it out of that mess, safe and (somewhat) sound. I see you made it to the Superstitions....I am ENVIOUS...that's one of those places I can catch up on my "solitude" fix...Safe Travels and again Happy New Year to You and David..Horst sends

    1. Glad that you back in the blog world.....the Superstitions are a great place for solitude and Lost Dutchman is a great place for alone time and the city is so close. Hope all is well and you are back to planning great adventures!

  7. Beautiful pictures of the campground, as well as the neighborhood. Hope it's an easy fix on the frig. We plan to start enjoying that sun and warmth sometime next week. Duke is hoping to be able to hold a spot for us.

    1. Glad to hear the electricity is back on!! Have fun with the gang.... hope to see you two soon!

  8. Now I really understand the draw to the desert!!! Those pics are just awesome....I could also sit there endlessly and just listen and watch!!!
    Hoping the frig is a quick fix!!
    How is the blood testing going? Is it pretty easy to get it done...where do you all generally go for that? I have Factor Five Leiden Mutation (blood disorder that causes blood clots) and I am a Coumadin lifer. This has really thrown me in regards to travel and such. Would be nice to hear from someone who is dealing with blood testing while traveling. Thanks!!
    You guys enjoy and stay safe!!!

  9. Hey Gerri. Sorry for the delayed response....difficult to find the time to write.

    This is what we have learned so far. David's physician wrote a prescription.. a lab order to draw blood for the INR test. We were on the way to a Lab Corp when we found a Walgreen's with a clinic only 6 miles from camp. We asked them to copy the lab order so we would have the original to travel to other cities. They drew blood and sent the results to our home drs office. When the dr office receives it, they call my cell and adjust his coumadin level. We have been gone 3 weeks and have had two labs done...so far. Not sure how we are going to find a lab when we leave civilization and go to Quartzsite...but we will find a way. Hope this helps!!