Winter Solstice, Challenges and Gratitude



AZ Morning

This is what happens when I don’t post regularly….I have too much to say and can’t figure where to start and where to stop!

Normally I build the post around recent photos….and I may go back and stick in a few.  But, for now, I am just going to start writing and see what emerges.

Today is the winter solstice, 12/21/2014..the day I live for each winter, the day the sun returns to lengthen the day.  (Just noticed that I sound a bit dramatic…..but I do get very “down” in the cold, dark months.)

Lying in bed this morning I made a list of 10 things for which I am grateful.  Later thought of sharing them as a post….and a way to catch up.  They are in random order….not in order of importance.

1.  Grateful for the house furnace that provides warmth although it is 32 years old.

2. Grateful for the comfortable bed and the deep sleep that comes with the comfort.

3. Grateful for Sylvester, my newest feline, who provides a deeper quality of love than my other cats.

4. Grateful that my husband’s heart is back in rhythm after it went into atrial fibrillation last week. Grateful for the hospital who shocked it back into rhythm after only one night’s stay.  Grateful that he is tolerating the medication that will be a necessary and permanent part of our life.

5. Grateful that my husband can walk normally and without pain. David, after the hospital stay, took a short walk which resulted in severe hip pain….probably from arthritic changes….and he was unable to walk without assistance for 4 days!  Afraid the take the anti-inflammatory drugs that interact with the blood thinner, he just toughed it out until the doctor gave him permission to use Aleve….which has “cured” it for now.

6. Grateful for the cardiac doctor who understands us and our priorities…who said there was no reason to stay home and we could make our trek to Arizona!!

7.  Grateful for the lovely lady who decided to spend the winter at our house…grateful our other kitties will have someone to feed and love them.

8. Grateful it is only 8 more days before we start our winter journey to the sun.  Grateful we have family in Arizona that prompts the travel and grateful for the memories of the Superstition Mountains towering over our camp…..can’t wait!

9. Grateful for the little 16 foot Casita trailer and how it has changed our lives.  And the 8 trips we made in 2014…after we returned from the two months in Arizona!

(Trips: Montgomery for the GE&H rally, Townsend rally, Blue Ridge Parkway, Fall Creek Falls rally, Chester Frost Park, Land Between the Lakes rally, Cherokee rally and Gulf State Park.)

10.  And, finally, grateful for the friends…..who seem more like family than friends….who have come into our lives through this community of bloggers, fiberglass rv owners and fellow tumbleweeds who love this wandering lifestyle.


Superstition MT and David 2/2014


2/2014 Lost Dutchman SP


11/2014 Gulf State Park, AL



Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! And safe travels!!



  1. Merry Christmas to both of you! Looking forward to seeing you soon. BTW, please bring 10 degrees with you - we're seeing 65 degree highs right now.

  2. Imagine that mid 60's is freezing many of the year-round Arizonians! Hope the sun is shining! Our skies have been grey for days....
    I am closing my eyes and feeling soft warm breezes with 75 degrees. Will bring it!!

  3. Glad David is on the mend. I agree on the sunshine. We're seeing the same grey skies. Hope to see you someplace westward, soon.

    1. Surely the warm weather will return and we will have glorious sunny days in Arizona. Have fun in Texas and hope to see you both soon.
      Have a great holiday and travel safe!

  4. Lynne, what a special post. It was worth waiting for. I am so grateful that David recovered. And that little Sylvester has proved to be such a good little buddy.

    I also am thrilled that the days will be getting longer and longer again now.

    Loved the recap photos. Hope this trip is the best yet. Wishing you warmth and sunshine, love and joy. :)

    1. I have memories of trudging into work, fighting the bitter wind during the long walk from the parking lot to the building, thinking that I am never doing this again after I retire. These are the thoughts that push me to travel the 2000 miles to my winter paradise.
      Glad you understand about the longer days and more light.
      Happy that you are doing what you love.....it is showing through in all your posts.

  5. Glad to hear David's heart is doing good; and good enough for you two to head west. Has been a mild winter for us here - no snow yet for us but plenty up north for the skiers. Have a safe one.

  6. Thanks, Emily. I know you understand when it comes to care giving.
    Would love to detour and swing up your way but guess it will depend on the weather and how soon we must get David's blood tested again. Take care!

  7. Thank you for sharing your adventures as we want to do the same in a few short years! Glad your husband is doing okay and take care and keep on posting!

    1. You are welcome! Thank you for your good wishes and for coming along on our ride!

  8. What a magnificent Summary of not only your Journeys this year but also those awesome photo's...my favorite is the Superstition CG...that campground is still on the top 3 I have been to...then the sunset...glad to hear David is back running another "Victory Lap".

    Wishing you both a Very Merry Christmas and a New Year that keeps putting smiles on your faces...Horst sends

  9. Love your closing wish!! We try to live each day like it is our last but think we will add "what puts smiles on our faces!

    Wishing you and yours a very special Christmas and lots of great times in the New Year!

  10. Love your post!! So glad to hear David is doing much better and you guys are heading to warmer places!! I have been on blood thinner (coumadin/warfarin) for almost a year now. I so understand the interactions...its my new normal since being diagnosed with Factor Five Leiden (homozygous).
    So grateful we were able to meet you guys at Green Eggs and Ham last year!! Looking forward to following your adventures to your winter paradise :-) Drive safely!!

  11. David is on Jantoven...our Heart Institute favored drug. He has not met his goal yet so we will be forced to get more frequent blood tests.
    Good to hear from you...hope you both are feeling ok and pleased you will be along for the ride. Merry Christmas!!