Land Between the Lakes Rally (TN)


Map picture

One week ago we are in the middle of the LBL rally.  We are first timers to this gathering but it does not feel new as many long time friends are already there.

The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area was created by the federal government in the 60’s.  It’s the area between the Tennessee  and Cumberland Rivers before the rivers flow into the Ohio.  There are 170,000 acres, 300 miles of shoreline and 500 miles of trails between the rivers.  This link gives a 15 minute video of the area.

Piney Campground, located near Dover, TN is a 5 plus hour drive for us, mostly on I-24 W.  Our only problem is Nashville traffic which is worse since our last trek through town. 

It’s a huge campground!  We back in and see no water hookup…after another tour of the loop, we settle in with a full tank.


Soon after arriving I discover my Nikon camera is not functioning!! The Sigma lens is not telescoping.  Resorting to the Canon point and shoot, I find it’s not cooperating… telling me to charge an already full battery.  Frustrated, I do the best I can with photos.


View from our friends’ campsite.

This rally has a variety of trailers attending…one even pulled by a model T!  The group has many activities to attend including a raffle and Dutch oven demonstration.










Notice the jackets!  We went from running the A/C to running the heater in just 24 hours!

Took a drive up the Trace to see the buffalo.  This herd is on the main road close to the Homeplace, a 1850’s farm.



It’s raining off and on during our visit to the old farm.  Enjoyed seeing the old buildings.






Loved seeing this old farm.  It’s the only attraction we managed to squeeze in….lots to do in the campground!

Next week we will be journeying to the Cherokee, NC rally.  This is our fifth year to attend and my first year as a rally host. 

Will see how it goes….this may be my first and last encounter with rally leadership!!!  Meanwhile I must go find a new camera lens!


  1. I can't tell you how disappointed we are in not being able to attend Cherokee. In fact, we are so disappointed that we haven't been able to literally move our Casita since we went to Tennessee to see friends and Mike's mom in August. The Casita just sits there looking so sad. I know Mike sent you a PM explaining our circumstance...we do what we have to do. You will be fantastic as a rally host...we'll catch your next one!!

  2. Gerri, you are so right about that......we do what we must. Between all the aging most of us deal with and our parents (if still with us) aging....life can throw us unexpected curves frequently. There will be other rallies and I believe the upcoming GE&H will be fantastic. Something positive to anticipate!

  3. There sure were a wide variety of campers at the rally. So much fun to see all the different styles.....always gets my mind to wondering.

    Enjoy your hostess job. Sounds like fun.

    1. This rally began 5 years ago as a Scamp Camp.....I have never been around so many little 13' Scamps! It also has an Aliner history. Lots of different trailers...there was even a large Oliver!

      I have been enjoying your trip....we need to get up that way next summer!

  4. Great to see you Guys out enjoying yourselves...can't imagine whats going on with your lens...was it the auto focus or trying to set up the specific "mm"....The old Homestead looks liked a neat place to visit...I always like spending time at a place like that and try to put myself in that time period.....Have fun at the next Rally and as Gerri said...I'm sure you'll do a super job as "Rally Host"...Horst sends

  5. Horst, it is mechanical. The lens just flat out won't turn. Probably banged it somewhere along the line. Very hard on lenses....have killed two in the past 3 years!
    The Homestead was so real....not very staged like many exhibits.
    Thanks for your support....take care!

  6. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all. I love old homesteads. Hope to see you in a few days.

  7. Saw a post on FG today stating the first Casita had arrived. Wonder if it had MS plates?

    Looks like rain! Bet you two are waterlogged!

  8. I bet you'll be the hostess with the mostest!!! Glad you are out and about!!

  9. Will be thinking of you two today!
    Love photos of the gulf!........Just remember that it is all good.....eventually!

  10. Looks like a fun time! And I just love touring the old houses.

    So glad to see you out and catching the rallies. Hope Cherokee is wonderful. I know you will shine as host!

  11. Sorry for the delayed response. The wifi at Cherokee was just too slow! I had a great time and it the rally was a success.....thanks for your nice words.
    Hope your health continues to improve and you will be showing us your creative genius again! "Hi" to Ron!