Home Sweet Home!


I knew it had been a long time since the blog had been updated but did not realize that it had been this long!  So out of practice writing…could not even think of an appropriate title!

Don’t know if we’ve adjusted to stationary living.  Noticed that I am drawn to looking at pictures of Montana, Wyoming…hoping next summer we will find a way to be in big sky country!

There is progress being made on the whole downsizing adventure!  In the past few weeks Craig's List has become a friend and surplus sporting gear, a refrigerator and our old solar kit have found new homes.  We can see space between the stacks of stuff!



David has dissembled his shop…it’s still in boxes….but, hey, it’s a start!  And we have a new past time, flea marketing…selling, not buying.  Each Friday morning we take a load of “stuff” a few miles up the road and proceed to unload it on the buyers looking for bargains.  Almost give it away but our possessions need to go somewhere…might as well get a few dollars!  And it becomes a social event…swapping tales with some of the old codgers.   We are not working at it…just trying to enjoy ourselves for a few hours.


We could be working harder at the purging of possessions….but believing that one must enjoy the process we open one box at a time, looking, remembering and (mostly) discarding.

While surfing one night I stumbled across a video by the young full timing couple known as Technomadia.   In this video Chris is broadcasting from his storage unit in California. He talks about the process of clearing out his old treasures and how he does not want them to just go to anybody…..just those who will value them as he has done.  video.

I realized that is exactly what I have been doing. Holding on to precious memories and wanting these items to go to special people.  Watching the video shows me how this is impeding the process; now my possessions are moving out the door much more rapidly!

We have been home without a camping trip for 5 weeks!  Some days time stands still, other days…it flies!  Still struggling to have fun at home but it’s getting easier.  We’ve cooked in the Dutch oven for the family a few times…every dish turning out perfect! 

On Memorial Day weekend the Pro National Bicycling Championships were in Chattanooga.  Thrilling to watch the elite bicyclists tear down familiar streets a just a few miles from home.




During the race I became fascinated with this drone….taking numerous photos.  Someone suggested that it probably had numerous photos of me, taking mine as I was taking his.



Think I’d like to have a pet drone!  Don’t you think it’s kind of cute?

Back to the life at home update!

We are going to the gym, walking regularly and riding our bikes infrequently.  There’s been some talk about paddling but it’s gotten hot, humid and sticky.  Not sure if it will happen.

The three cats are getting along better.  Princess still screeches like a banshee when Sylvester gets too close…very annoying!

We are hoping to shift into phase two within a few weeks.  Phase two is painting the kitchen walls, removing wallpaper and painting in the back bathroom.  And I hope phase three is listing the house!

Outside our “dead” plants are showing green.  My fig tree has new growth at it’s base and the completely brown gardenias are sprouting tiny leaves.  The yard still looks pretty from a distance…where one can’t see all the weeds.IMG_0361



Well, that’s all I got!  A long hot boring summer stretches out before us!  Very thankful for our blogger friends who are in Canada, Washington, Oregon (by now) and Colorado….(you know who you are!)  Keep us entertained and informed!  We will be making lists of more places to visit…once the downsizing hell is over!


  1. Congratulations on the down sizing progress. The flea marketing looks like fun!

    The drone is odd looking. Not sure I'd want one for a pet, but it was cool to get a glimpse of it. :)

    It's good to hear that the cats are getting along better... sometimes!

    Here's hoping you will make it to Big Sky Country next summer! Wish I was going!

    1. Glad we could help! ;-) Sounds like you're making good progress. Keep dreaming of new destinations!

    2. Hey Sharon! My comment reply thingy is not working in the right place....already commented and deleted as it went under someone else's comment. So...appreciate your support! Wish you could just come along with us!

    3. And John, we are doing a good job of dreaming!!!

  2. There was a camper at our last gig with two of those drones...expensive toys. Kind of creepy. Despite the packing you are still getting your exercise and be active socially...lv the selling and gabbing along side it! Each day you are getting closer...you'll be on the road before you know it!!!!

    1. Hey! We do appreciate the support! And we are getting closer!

      Want to recommend to you to look at the altitude if you head west! There is no reason to suffer in the heat when there are so many mountains to enjoy!

  3. A pet drone...sounds interesting!!
    You all have made great progress. It is sometimes hard to see it so up close and personal but when you write your blog and we read it we "see" the difference. You have a definite game plan it seems to be working!
    We went camping at the state park in Auburn. Our camper was snuggled under the trees and it was not so hot an humid...only after the evening thundershower. A month ago we took the camper to Gulf Shores State Park for our son's wedding. It wasn't too bad then but I'm sure I wouldn't want to return now. The temps have shot right up into the 90s.
    We've haven't bought our dutch oven stuff yet...its on the agenda!! We are having an awning installed next week. That should help make a difference on our "patio" when camping!!
    You guys take care and remember..."this too shall pass."

  4. Thanks!! Will dwell on the" this too"!

    Glad you have been able to get out and enjoy yourselves. We painted the outside of our house before I retired...David did most of it. Very hard but we have enjoyed it. Be careful in the heat.

    If you can manage to swing by South Pittsburg, TN, Lodge Manufacturing has a company store with seconds on the cast iron. Much more reasonable prices and just as good!

  5. Looks like you have made tremendous headway on your "Downsizing" project....The photo of David at the Flea Market....Priceless!!!...I've been researching the Drones...various models, sizes, and prices...my thought, it could open up a whole new area of photography....take care and keep enjoying yourselves...Horst sends

  6. Not sure if the drone was doing a video or photos. There were too many people in the crowd to learn who was in charge. It kind of felt real....remember R2 D2 from Star Wars?
    Looking forward to more of your fabulous photos in the future!!!

  7. I think David's having too much fun at the flea market. Glad that you are seeing progress. Your mention of heat and humidity is really depressing. We have that to look forward to in a week or so.:-(

  8. All I can say is that there's no rush.....enjoy all that crisp mountain air while you can! Last summer spoiled us... we are learning how to live with the stickiness all over again.

  9. Good luck with your downsizing! I have a staffing area full of stuff but haven't gotten my rear in gear yet. You have a gorgeous garden!

  10. Thank you! It represents 10+ years of hard work....no longer a labor of love...just labor!

    Bet you had a great time at the Escape rally!

  11. In the items you selling: I love the trunk also the vintage radio-that is a Zenith 1939 model 7-S-363 it has 7 tubes including the tunning eye. It also has a Robot tunning systm with a flywheel for easy tunning thru the am & shortwave bands. It is worth from $250-$300 if working not working about $175. That prior to Obama regime today few people have the money.Hope you sell it. Irma from Amarillo.

  12. Hello, Irma from Amarillo! Thank you for that very good information! The old radio is part of the heritage from David's grandfather's home...a coal mining village just north of Chattanooga. No, the radio and trunk and other items from the old home place will be handed down to his grandchildren. He's very sentimental about the old stuff...as he should be!