Sunsets Continued……



Saguaro Lake Marina


By Wednesday David is feeling a bit better.  We decide to explore other campgrounds in the A. J. area starting with Usery Mountain Park, a Maricopa County campground.  The park is  beautiful with mountains and hiking trails but it did not have the Superstition Mountain…..not interested in relocating.  From Usery we head to Tonto National Forest where many campgrounds are closed due to budget cuts.

Saguaro Lake Marina is our turn around point.  We sip ice tea on a patio overlooking blue lake, blue sky.



No alternative camps located, we return to our bit of real estate under the majestic rocks.



Valentine’s Day is approaching….we decide to do something that we never do while camping….go to a movie! 

The Flixster app locates our show in Mesa and we enjoy an afternoon with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.  Say whatever you will…August Osage County will make you appreciate your family! 

After splurging on fish tacos we head back to Lost Dutchman.

Saturday is a family visit day.  It’s only 37 miles from Apache Junction to David’s daughter’s home.  Lovely visit with a great meal at a Mile High restaurant.

It’s a holiday weekend, it’s hot and there are people everywhere!!!  Every hour or so I contemplate leaving for a remote campsite almost 100 miles away.  But the conveniences of Apache Junction with supermarkets, restaurants, electric outlets at Burger King and Fry's  and the mysterious mountain win out and we stay put!

The pain is still there, David reports, but it is tolerable.  We decide to hike the Treasure Loop Trail, a 2 1/2 mile trek with 500’ gain.  This is his first excursion up into the mountain.  The views are similar to the Siphon Draw hike.



Starting two hours earlier than the last hike, we are able to stay in the shade of the mountain for most of the climb. 

The rocks below are called the “Praying Hands”.  There is a trail but we opted out this year.


After six days in one spot, we move to another site…..(it was time to dump our tanks!)

While setting up, David comes inside and says he thinks “Bar Harbor” is next door!  Remember when we met the couple from Maine while scaling Dome Rock a few weeks ago?  They had a powered parachute that flew over the Casita gathering at Quartzsite.  This shot was taken on Glenda’s phone during one of the flights.

Mike and Jackie flying

It was Mike and Jackie!……and we had a great time visiting….David got a promise of a flight someday in the future!


Then another strange fiberglass coincidence occurred!  Within a few hours two 19’ Escapes pull in, one on each side of our trailer.  The couple to our left are from Washington state and I go over for a chat.  They live close to the Chilliwack Escape factory…I tell them about seeing all the trailers leave the Osoyoos rally last June as we entered BC, heading for Alaska.  Suddenly Sue excitedly asks if we went to the Osoyoos visitor center?  Pausing, I think and nod affirmatively.  She says that they met us there!  I barely remember speaking to an Escape couple….but there is something to be said for our strong Tennessee mountain dialect.  They remembered us from our accent!


Sue and Dave

Our time in the desert is about over….just a few more days.  We are thinking a lot about next year…and spending more time here.

Finishing with a few more sunsets…………..





  1. Glad David is feeling better. Hope he continues to improve. Don't know if I would enjoy flying in one of those rigs, or not. Great pictures, as usual. Love the sunsets...........

    1. Thanks, Jerry! Knowing that we have a great rally coming up in a few weeks...makes it easier to leave. Fingers are crossed for a nice warm Montgomery!

  2. Wow.....what a terrific set of landscape photos....glad the Shingles are improving for David..that can't be pleasant...have a safe Journey back to Tn....Horst sends

    1. Thanks! Hope you are feeling great! And never get this irritating virus!

  3. As always, your photos are wonderful. I can't pick a favorite this time. :)

    So glad David is doing better.

    Looks like this has truly been a vacation to remember for you.

    Stay safe and enjoy the trip home.

    1. Yes, I do agree it has been a vacation to remember! For many reasons.......

      Please have spring waiting for us when we arrive!

  4. Well, I've got spring for a couple of days, but not sure I can hang onto it for you. But I will try! :)

    1. Groan! Just saw the forecast for a week from now....not pretty or warm!

  5. Hoping David is gaining more strength and on the mend!!!! AZ is coming to a close...what a lovely time you had! Safe travels back this way....I'll be thinking of you going down the road!

    1. Thank you. Carla! We need all the positive energy that can be found!

      Keep on enjoying the coast!