Kansas Eggstravaganza 2013



The Sixth Annual Kansas Eggstravaganza officially started today with a pot luck breakfast.  Tantalizing dishes come out of the little eggs when it’s pot luck time and the socializing begins! 

It’s been a little too hot to do anything but visit.  The temperature dipped into the 80’s for a day or so and now it’s back into the mid 90’s with 99 degrees predicted for the weekend.

The heat has not stopped the fun….maybe just slowed some of us down a bit.

We are camped right across from some of our old friends from east TN who are right on the water. Our site has evening shade but is brutally unprotected during the middle of the day.  The A/C is staying on until the sun sets. 

The campground is laid out in a loop where everyone can easily visit.  At last count 30 trailers have arrived with more expected tomorrow.  Amazing how many come from Texas!

Larry and Debbie Gamble of Little House Customs have been hard at work since last Monday with the early arrivals.  Larry performed a valvectomy on our shower drain…..the Alaskan trip had knocked off the drain pipe.  No longer must I get on my knees to pull the shower drain lever!


Larry and customers!


Debbie minding the store!

A few unusual fiberglass campers……


a 1970 Western Campster!  (can’t remember the entire name!)


This 1983 model is being lovingly restored by new owners.  They patiently explained that it  really is a Casita!

All of the other trailers, so far, are Casitas and Scamps except for the one 19’ Escape owned by a St Louis couple.  The Escape campsite appears to be the favorite hangout place.



We are spending our time talking and eating.  When it gets too hot to do anything else….napping inside the A/C cooled interior.


Beautiful sunsets are gracing the sky every evening.  Wonder how many can I post before humdrum sets in?



Random shots from the rally………DSC_6127

Our TN friends……


Kansas neighbor!


Our partially shaded site.


Lovely host, Joyce.


Pretty blue truck with white bookends.


Patriotic neighbor.


Ms. Pickles, displeased with the camera. 


Larry and Curly…or is it Curly and Larry?  Mother Moe is close by.


Friendly faces.

Not too much more to say…..afraid I’ll start whining about the heat. 

Thinking more and more of home and what will life be like…. not waking up in the Casita?  Feeling sad just thinking about it……



  1. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like you're having fun in spite of the heat. Your post has me really looking forward to Quartzsite!

    1. The sunsets here are awesome!
      Yes, it's not too soon to think of Quartzsite! Planning on it!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like you're having fun in spite of the heat. Your post has me really looking forward to Quartzsite!

  3. Thanks for the pics of folks and their little eggs. Am missing everyone, but not the heat - the heat is only bearable by being with folks you enjoy being with. Give a big "HI" to everyone for me.

    1. Missing you but know that you are very busy preparing for the big move! Will be sure to pass along the "hi" to everyone.

      Take care of yourself!

  4. What GREAT sunset photo's...I will never tire of sunsets...Campground is now on my list...think the next time I travel to KC I'll take the camper and park it there...since Bride isn't into that I could drop her off with FIL in KC and spend a couple days there..and then go on to KC....sorry the weather is so hot...thanks for sharing...have a safe trip home...Horst sends

  5. Will hold you to your word..."never tire of sunsets" as last night's sun drop was even more spectacular.....so there's a slew of new picts on the camera!

    I am back at the Junction City library this PM....impressed this little town has such a nice facility. Great place to get out of the heat.

    Take care of yourself.....hope Texas cools down and starts into fall!

  6. Looks like the fun is about to begin!! :-) I never get tired of sunset pictures!! Have fun!!

    1. These rallies are a lot of fun! Everyone has at least one thing in common and that's their love for a fiberglass camper.

      In spite of the heat we have managed to meet new people, get new ideas and eat a lot!

  7. Great pics of the folks and the sunsets. Hope everyone is having a great time in spite of the heat. Tell them hello for us. Know you're getting antsy about getting home after being gone all Summer. Really enjoyed the downtown of Junction City when we were there last year. Almost like being back in the 60's.

    1. We have really gotten to know J. City as we have been here 10 days! It's been a great time and now we are really anxious to get on the road to home.

      Missed you and Wanda....hope to see you somewhere on the road!

  8. What fun to be surrounded by all those "eggs" despite the heat. So anxious for our first rally! And this heat is miserable...noon has bringing in naptimes for me!

  9. Are you still in Illinois and is it hot there? Suppose to be 100 here again tomorrow....hope we can get some miles between us and the heat.

    Hope you enjoy what ever rally comes first. They are very addicting. You meet some folks and get attached, wind up going to more and more just to hang out with the same people.

  10. Can't believe you are spending all this time in Kansass - well, except for the last few days of socializing! Was great to see you guys!

  11. It was good to see you too.....four years was a long time with no visits!

    I can't believe we stayed in Kansas for two weeks! But it was worth it to spend 6 days with our Casita family members.