Time To Change URL and Bloggers Celebrate!

THIS BLOG NOW LIVES AT www.winterindesert.blogspot.com 

Please go there for the most recent posts.
Thank you!!!

January 2015
 Lost Dutchman SP

No one has said anything negative.  No flame throwers are appearing.  Nothing is happening to make me give up the old Blog...the one with the casita n desert.blogspot.com address.

But I can hear some people's thoughts.   "Why is she calling her blog 'Casita in the Desert' when she clearly does not own a Casita travel trailer?"  So it's time to change before my Casita friends disown me and my Escape friends stop speaking to me!

I tried to change the blog name.  Thanks to all of you who noticed the name change to Winter in the Desert and changed it on your Blog Roll.  But even after I changed the name, the blog continued to exist under the old Casita title for most blog readers. I see no alternative other than changing the url.

A more tech savvy person might be able to do it differently and not give up all the followers and 4 years of blog posts.  But I'm not that techy.  My eyes cross when I see a sentence of code. So I am starting over.  The new blog address is
 www.winterindesert.blogspot.com.     (winter in desert)

Please come with me!!!!

November 2015
Gunter Hill COE

The blogging world has an early Christmas present today with the creation of Open Live Writer!   I'm celebrating being able to continue following some of my favorite bloggers!
Have not explored OLW today but hope to get with the new program as I work the bugs out of the new blog.

Winter in the Desert Summer in the Mountains

Teaser....next post on new blog will explain why we are still in Tennessee.


  1. My husband had his blog name Casita-specific, so when we bought our Oliver he, too, changed URLs and went with something more generic (although we won't be buying a new trailer, ever).

    Looking forward to following your new Escape adventures.

    1. Makes me feel better knowing others have gone through this ordeal! Amazing how life takes us from one adventure to another. Our life started changing when we bought the first little Casita. It changed again once I started blogging.
      So we never know what's around the corner...but don't think we will ever trade up for a bigger trailer.
      Still working on content for the new Winter in the Desert!

  2. You've been officially changed in my blogroll. Looking forward to seeing you guys!

    1. Thanks, John!

      Desert living is on our mind...could you work on raising the temps a bit?

  3. Well, I happily added you to my favorites bar. I always enjoy reading about your adventures and seeing you wonderful photos. Well done figuring it out!

  4. Wish I could say it was figured out....still working on the photo end of things. Plan to send an email to make sure I know who you are!!!

  5. OK, Bloggers. Just posted to the new website....winter in desert at blogspot.com.